Cultural Analysis

I am a cultural anthropologist experienced in all qualitative methodologies: ethnographies, store observations, shop-alongs, focus groups and personal interviews. As a bilingual-bicultural professional, I conduct research in both English and Spanish.

I like finding patterns, especially the ones that are invisible because they are hidden in the daily rituals and practices of life.

I enjoy the intellectual challenge of digging to find the nuanced meanings consumers give to objects and habits.  I am an interpreter of consumer culture. My strength is finding insights that are specifically focused on research objectives.

Some of my previous projects include exploring notions of desire and scent with young women (creative messaging for men’s body spray). I have gone beer shopping with young Mexican-Americans men in California to understanding the meaning of beer (branded retail strategy). I spent time observing life in the kitchens of Mexican families to understand the relationship between food, cooking, and cultural identity (appliance product development). I tagged along on shopping trips for cars and shampoo to understand how people shop (decision making modeling). I spent afternoons with low income elders in Central Texas asking about the meaning of health (messaging strategy for Medicaid programs).

Reflections on digital ethnography

As the proliferation of digital media is expanding media theory, new digital platforms are also creating opportunities for new methods. Here is my evaluation of Robert Kozinets’ netnography, a “new” ethnographic method that is conducted over the internet and is designed to study cultures and communities online.



Fieldwork Images 

Ethnographic research in Miami



P1080064 copy
In-home concept testing with the whole family.



IMG_3127 copy
Focus groups in San Francisco



Focus group moderator essentials:  Discussion guide, interview schedule, clock, and Diet Coke.
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