Speaking Engagements

2021 SXSW Interactive Panel “Anthropology as a Crucial Frame for Change.”

For the 2021 remote version of SXSW Tech Conference, I invited 3 fellow business anthropologists-Patti Sunderland, Matt Artz and Marcel Rosa-Salas-to help introduce the practice of cultural analysis to the marketing tech community. Here is our 4 minute pitch video and Panel Picker Profile that was voted in and highlighted in the “New Urgency” track.

Speakers: Patricia Sunderland (Cultural Research & Analysis, Inc.), Matt Artz (Cloudshadow), Marcel Rosa-Salas (University of Illinois at Chicago), and Gigi Taylor (Indeed).

The recorded video of our panel is available is available here.

Here is a preview of the panel which appeared in the UNT alumni magazine. Here is the description of the panel in the NAPA (National Association for the Practice of Anthropology) announcements.

2019 SXSW Interactive Panelist “An Anthropological Approach to Reaching Customers”

I was honored to speak at the 2019 SXSW Interactive Conference. I was joined by Louisa Wong, Chief Operating Officer with Carat USA and Alisa Stern, Head of Programmatic Partnerships with Intersection.  Listen to our panel here:  SXSW Interactive 2019 An anthropological Approach to Reaching Customers.

An Anthropological Approach to Reaching Customers SXSW Interactive 2019

Read my description and reflections of being on a SXSW panel in this essay. “Anthro Spectacle @SXSW: How anthropology Captured the Imagination of Marketing Tech” was published in the EPIC blog on March 28, 2019.

Guest Speaker Michigan State University, Account Planning

Click here to watch my guest speaker conversation with Dr. Saleem E Alhabash for his Account Planning ADV 342 class at Michigan State University. I discuss the application of cultural anthropology research to the practice of account planning in advertising agencies.

Spring 2020 Speakers’ Series, Texas State University, Department of Anthropology

I addressed the students and faculty in the Department of Anthropology at Texas State University as part of their Spring 2020 Guest Lecturer Series. Click here to watch my talk.

2022 American Academy of Advertising Pre conference Talk

I presented a talk on applied research on Hispanic markets at the 2022 American Academy of Advertising Pre Conference on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Action: Advertising Research, Teaching and Practice. Here is the prerecorded talk.

2022 American Academy of Advertising

Reflections on Conducting Applied Anthropological Research on the Hispanic Market

Anthropologists have long argued that ethnicity and race are social constructs. At the same time, marketing is the practice of creating consumer segments, many of which are based on ethnicity and race.  As an applied consumer anthropologist, I reflect on the challenges of navigating my client’s notions of the singular Hispanic consumer and my role in the creation of such marketing knowledge.  The meaning of the “Hispanic consumer” is often determined by who is paying or controlling the research-either the general market agency or the multicultural agency.  In this talk, I will pivot my role as an applied anthropologist for business and speak to the landscape anthropology of business. 

Podcasts with Matt Artz

Here is my interview conducted by Matt Artz regarding my journey from advertising to anthropology and on to UX research. (Duration 47:44)

2022 Texas Applied Anthropology Summit at Texas State

Webinar on “Starting Your Applied Anthropology Career”

The objective of this 2022 webinar was to provide anthropology students and early-career practitioners with the knowledge, skills and confidence to negotiate the job market. Specific topics discussed include: how to articulate the value of anthropology, decoding the hiring process, how to interview effectively and creating portfolios. Click here to listen to the webinar cohosted by myself and Elizabeth Lewis of Miro.

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