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SXSW Interactive Panelist

I was honored to speak at this year’s 2019 SXSW Interactive Conference on a panel titled, “An Anthropological Approach to Reaching Customers.”  I was joined by Louisa Wong, Chief Operating Officer with Carat USA and Alisa Stern, Head of Programmatic Partnerships with Intersection.  Listen to our panel here:  SXSW Interactive 2019 An anthropological Approach to Reaching Customers

An Anthropological Approach to Reaching Customers SXSW Interactive 2019


Society for Applied Anthropology Social Media Coordinator

I am the social media coordinator for the Society for Applied Anthropology Podcast Project on Twitter (@sfaapodcastsand Facebook (@sfaapodcasts). Follow or friend the SfAA podcast accounts for updates on podcast sessions from SfAA conferences.

2018 Society for Applied Anthropology Podcast Project Team

SfAA Podcast Team 2018

Left to right: Kenneth Saintonge, Kitty Sopow, Beth Holland, Claire Deahl, Andie Semlow, Gigi Taylor and Jodi Williams, Chair.


2019 Society for Applied Anthropology Podcast Project Team

SfAA Podcast Team 2019Left to right: Claire Deahl, Beth Holland, Gigi Taylor, Kenneth Saintonge-Chair, Dave Werner, Sarah Stutts, Shannon Cronin, Tabia Schmidt, and Guin Wight.






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